On June 20-22, 2014, 10 of us took part in a grueling 20-ish hour training weekend at Hottman Law Office, presented by the League of American Bicyclists, in the hopes of becoming LCI (league-certified-instructors).

Over the course of the weekend we learned the ins and outs of presenting topics like bike safety, basic bike maintenance and nutrition/hydration as well as how to set up a skills course and teach skills like the quick stop and rock dodge to new cyclists.  Finally, we practiced and then tested our ability to lead a group of newer cyclists on a short road ride, to teach them how to ride in traffic - how to signal, for example, and how to take the lane.  

The entire experience was amazing and meaningful -we learned a lot and we were thrilled to learn that Megan, Amber, Andi and Gary, (HLO team members), all passed! 

Once we receive our official certificates from the League you can expect to see regular bike classes offered at our office including TS101 (traffic skills 101), TS201, Bike commuting and more!!  If you would like to host us at your workplace, your local community center, at your cycling team or club meeting, or you would like to setup a private class for you and your cycling friends, please contact us!

Gary practices his bike crash statistics presentation and receives feedback from the group and our amazing instructor, Jenni: 

Our "night ride" to see how reflective items and lights do (or don't work) -however it fell on the summer solstice so it was still a bit light out, even at 9pm:


Hip hip hooray!  We survived the intense weekend and got certified: