Hottman Teaches Cycling Laws at CTLA Convention

August 6-8 the CTLA (Colorado Trial Lawyers' Association) met for its annual conference, this year in Steamboat Springs.  The conference features law updates, trial strategy presentations, and experts in various fields who present on their topics to assist the entire CTLA membership in their handling of Plaintiffs' cases. 

This year, Megan was asked to present on bike laws, based on her expertise in this field.  Her talk was titled, "Strava, Carbon, and Garmin, oh my!" and during it, she spoke of Colorado laws applicable to cyclists and motorist, as well as the nuances of bike cases.  In 20 minutes she compressed her normally-hour-long talk (by speaking fast!) in order to assist lawyers with the nuts and bolts of these cases. 

It was an honor to be asked to present and many members told Megan afterwards that they learned some new things from her talk and would consider her a reference if they found a bike case coming into their office.