Ride on for Red Nose Day: east coast recap

Better late than never, I always say ;)  A few weeks after the west coast trip, we embarked on round two: Boston to NYC (the long way).  The days were a bit bigger in terms of mileage on this trip, and we encountered some rain and chilly temps on day 2.  But it was gorgeous out on the east coast, and we had the honor of closing NASDAQ and celebrating with the folks at Red Nose Day/ Comic Relief/ NBC as Red Nose Day was celebrated nationwide on May 25th!  

Read here to learn more about the impact of Red Nose Day ...  it's powerful, and compelling.  

Riding bikes to raise money for these efforts was REALLY meaningful and fulfilling for all of us.  

Once again - I defer to the incredible videos produced during our ride, as well as the images taken by Meg McMahon, to tell the best story: 

NASDAQ featured our appearance on their TWITTER feed-  so awesome!