Interbike Recap

I have not been to Interbike since 2011- when I was there in a somewhat-official-capacity as a rider for the new Primal/MapMyRide women's pro team.  While that was a fun experience, I distincly recall telling myself I didn't want to return for awhile -all the standing, cement, lack of sunshine, and cigarette smoke, really detracted from the event for me.  It was fun to network, but it was an uncomfortable way of doing it.  (Seriously -why do we bring such a healthy industry together in such an unhealthy place?!).

Fast forward 4 years and I found myself back at Interbike (click here if you don't know what it is).  This year I was there to re-connect with friends in the industry and to share some bike advocacy ideas I have with some folks and of course, to meet new people and spread the bike law gospel!  I was only there 2 days/2 nights, but it was a packed trip which included 2 highlight events for me: Hearing Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper announce his plan to spend $100 million on biking in Colorado LIVE at the industry breakfast, and watching Cross Vegas (this year -it was also a World Cup!).  

Here is my trip recap in photos: 

In case you missed it, #SOCKGATE was a thing at IB this year.  Luckily I found an amazing sock store where I bought my own fancy socks (perfect for cooler CX races this fall!).  Can't go wrong with unicorns and rainbows:

Joined my good friend Jay Thomas, one of the original teams/directors who got me into cycling, for an industry dinner at the Four Seasons -which was capped off by GIANT pieces of carrot cake (my favorite).  We rationalized by saying we needed to eat our vegetables... 


I'm a bit Colorado-proud here, but it was ao amazing to hear People for Bikes (based in Boulder!) speak and update us, and then introduce our Colorado Gov as the keynote speaker at the industry breakfast.  And to hear the good news - the Gov is promising $100 million for biking in CO!  I think every Coloradoan in the room (myself included) was beaming. 


People for Bikes hosted the breakfast and as always, killed it with the clever graphics and design (and bacon).


I met a great group of guys from Chain Reaction bicycles in Georgia. They are a large Cannondale dealer so I was in good company! 

This is the Cooker booth - the brand of the fatbike that I own (owned by the Cannondale corporate family).  I thought their design, setup and colors was one of the coolest, cleanest booths there. 

Brendan Lyons with Look Save a Life (I love their mantra: safety is everyone's responsiblity) with Lisa and Nick from PrimalWear.  Three amazing people all in one place.  Love that they are working together on Brendan's cycling apparel for his events this year.  Primal had an AMAZING booth setup there.

Lisa Hudson, friend and fellow Golden business owner of Feedback Sports, models their newest hottest product, the Omnium -a packable roller system that solves ALL of our bike race/travel warmup problems!  

Friend Katie Macarelli, Marketing Guru for Feedback Sports, racing Wheelers & Dealers 

I swear that looked like part of the old Boulder Velodrome... 

Blue Shark in the sand pit... because, why not? 

Katie F'n Compton warms up for the women's pro race on one of the new Omnium Trainers.

Watching the race on the big screen and live, from the VIP hill.  Truly an amazing experience watching the ladies tear up the FIRST CYCLOCROSS WORLD CUP ever on american soil!!! 

LUNA ladies put together amazing teamwork and took the win with Katarina Nash riding away solo and her teammate placing in the top 5.  Incredible. 

Kate Powlinson, friend/fellow racer/People for Bikes Goddess, shows off their awesome photo booth to a visitor:

I love these bikes dressed up like cars.  They are all setup to protect the rider from the elements, they make hauling a heavier load- like several bags of groceries much easier -and they have headlights, taillights and turn signals... so cool.

Got to see our friends from HandleBar Mustache too -their booth was rocking! 

To sum up: I realized just how many amazing companies and advocacy groups in cycling are Colorado-based... it felt in a way like we had all traveled to Vegas to see each other when we could have just hosted an event here in Colorado ;)  But all in all Interbike was how i remembered it to be, but with so much momentum growing for bike advocacy, I left refreshed and excited to see where Colorado biking -and biking nationwide -goes from here!