Ride On For Red Nose Day

Ride on for Red Nose Day: east coast recap

Better late than never, I always say ;)  A few weeks after the west coast trip, we embarked on round two: Boston to NYC (the long way).  The days were a bit bigger in terms of mileage on this trip, and we encountered some rain and chilly temps on day 2.  But it was gorgeous out on the east coast, and we had the honor of closing NASDAQ and celebrating with the folks at Red Nose Day/ Comic Relief/ NBC as Red Nose Day was celebrated nationwide on May 25th!  

Read here to learn more about the impact of Red Nose Day ...  it's powerful, and compelling.  

Riding bikes to raise money for these efforts was REALLY meaningful and fulfilling for all of us.  

Once again - I defer to the incredible videos produced during our ride, as well as the images taken by Meg McMahon, to tell the best story: 

NASDAQ featured our appearance on their TWITTER feed-  so awesome! 

Ride on for Red Nose Day: west coast recap

There are bike trips ... and then there are BIKE TRIPS. This adventure was not only scenic, fun, mentally and physically challenging, and awesome, BUT it was also meaningful, impactful, and fulfilling!! How many of us wish for opportunities where we can put our love of bikes and bike riding to use for a greater good?! This trip was exactly that. 

In conjunction with Walgreens and its Red Nose 🔴 fundraising efforts, as well as People for Bikes and their mission to make riding better for everyone, we embarked on a four day journey from Santa Barbara to Vegas. I could put my thoughts and feelings into words but I'd rather share with you the incredible images taken by Meg McMahon as well as the videos created by Walgreens media crews (see videos below).  A few of my not-so-pro iPhone 6 photos are also included ;) 

I hope you enjoy reliving this experience as much as I do each time I see these images. Red Noses are raising millions $$ to impact and cure child poverty. Each Nose sold and dollar donated, means children can eat over the weekend when they aren't in school and they can receive life saving vaccines their parents normally could not afford. 

If you are moved by our mission I would be SO grateful for your $1 or $5 donation to MY PAGE! We are each trying to raise $5000. Thanks for reading and thanks for your support!!   



Girl power on the front. Photo by Meg McMahon.  


Miles of smiles ! Photo by Meg Mahon.  


Teamwork makes the dream work. Photo by Meg Mahon.  


All smiles as we embark on day 4! Photo by Meg Mahon.  


Tim shows off while we grab ice cream.  


Noses ON!! 🔴🔴🔴 

Juggling is not my strong suit ...but it did earn me a donation from P & G and I'm so thankful for their contribution to my fundraising efforts! 

Juggling is not my strong suit ...but it did earn me a donation from P & G and I'm so thankful for their contribution to my fundraising efforts! 

Meg McMahon's awesome shots of Days 1 & 2: