Podcast: FattyCast and The Cyclist-Lawyer

Enjoyed very much speaking with Elden Nelson, otherwise known as Fat Cyclist, about bikes, crashes, laws and more.  Click the story link above to give it a listen! 


Also - the podcast references a blog post I wrote a few years back about insurance needs for cyclists... You can access that article here: http://303cycling.com/what-cyclists-should-know-about-insurance

Over the Top Radio

"Pro-Peloton hosted Megan Hottman and Julie Emmerman on Over the Top Radio with George Thomas, to dissect the human side of their careers within the realm of cycling. Listen in to hear how these amazing ladies handle the similar topics of compartmentalizing, stress-release, self-sabotage and establishing trust with clients."

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(Originally posted on 303cycling.com on Dec 18, 2013)