Cycling Law Education

Join us for a FREE class offered to all cyclists, but especially new cyclists. We will provide you materials and guidance, as well as the laws and etiquette you need to take to the roads and trails. You will leave feeling more informed, more secure in your rights and obligations as a cyclist, and more confident and comfortable as you embark on your cycling journey.

Learn what the laws are for cyclists; how you legally and appropriately ride on public roads; what the rules are for turning, stopping, passing; your rights and obligations; and much more.

Don’t be a "cycling newbie” with all the great new gear but still wear an invisible sign that says CLUELESS, because you exhibit uninformed behavior. Take this FREE class and be ready for the ride!

Come with questions you'd like to have answered ... Bring a friend ... We are here to help you learn all you need to know before you strap on that helmet, throw a leg over your top tube and begin pedaling your heart out. Don't miss out! (Did we mention, they're FREE?!).

These seminars are designed for:

  • cyclists of all levels, who want to learn more about the laws applicable to cyclists, motorists and shared road use
  • new/inexperienced cyclists, who want to learn the actual “HOW TOs” of riding on public roads, so they can confidently and safely commute to work or simply expand their riding options by moving away from bike paths to ride more frequently on roads
  • cyclists of all levels who wish to lead by example, who want to demonstrate a command of the laws and conduct of a safe rider, and who will advocate to other cyclists and motorists in a positive, educational, amicable manner
  • bike shop employees and others who work in the cycling industry - so they can inform and educate their customers on the laws and standards applicable to cyclists

We will come to your bike shop or bike club, or we can host you in our studio space!  Contact us to arrange a class for your organization today -cost is FREE.