Our Ethos

e·thos .    ˈēTHäs/ .  noun
  1. the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.
    synonyms: spirit, character, atmosphere, climate, mood, feeling, tenor, essence; More

Stated simply, our mission is to serve our clients the way we’d want to be served: Energetically, enthusiastically, whole-heartedly, with passion and with purpose.  

We exclusively represent injured bicyclists.  That’s because cycling is our passion.  The cycling community is a family, and we take the responsibility of handling your case very seriously.  We welcome the opportunity to come alongside you during this difficult time in your life, to assist you and obtain the best possible outcome for you, and to work as teammates together. To that end, we make the entire case file available to you for the pendency of your case.

We want our clients to know that we are all-in.  Your case is important- to you and to us.  We will work hard, not only to get you the best possible outcome, but in the bigger picture, to make cycling safer and more accessible for everyone, with the hope that someday (soon), fewer cyclists will be injured out on the roads.  This is why we devote our resources to educating cyclists, motorists, and law enforcement officers.  We do our best to spread the #BikeGospel whenever we can.  

How do we bring so much energy to our work?  Easy -our belief that humans are fully-optimized with fresh air, exercise, meaningful time with friends and family, and with balanced lives, also applies to our work in this firm.  We unapologetically make time for ourselves outside of work, so that we can bring our A-game to the work.  

So, if you want an energetic “breath of fresh air,” we are your law firm. 

We plan to leave this world better than we found it, and as part of that goal, we work to make our clients’ life-altering situations as stress-free and tolerable as possible.  Our balanced approach to life and to work means that we can commit full bandwidth to each client, for optimal outcomes in each case.