Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is two-fold: we provide our clients top-notch legal representation, along with incredible and individualized customer service.

And - we get more people on bikes... riding safely, skillfully, and legally. 

We exclusively work on bike cases and bike issues.  We represent cyclists across the country.

HLO Core Values

Client Service

Hottman Law Office makes customer service a top priority.  In the legal context, this means:

- providing clients with frequent and meaningful contact

- updating clients on the status of their case and answering questions quickly

- explaining relevant legal principles involved

- making the client feel their needs are attended to and that the client matters. 

The client is not a case, the client is a person. 

A collision, a ride in an ambulance, an ER stay, and an insurance adjuster hounding you while you're still in the hospital ... all of it can be stressful.  We recognize that a client's first personal injury case, first deposition, first court appearance, or first trial, are especially nerve-wracking.  We vow to NEVER lose sight of how our clients feel as they navigate through the legal cycle.

There is a reason lawyers are referred to as "counselors." 

Hottman Law Office firmly believes that clients deserve to have their phone calls and emails returned promptly - within one or two business days; to receive copies of correspondence and pleadings filed in their case; to expect regular contact with their attorney; and to receive quick answers to new questions or concerns they may have.