On December 1-2, 2019, 20-25 riders will attempt to break the World Record for the longest static cycling class in history. Combined, they will ride mileage equivalent to biking from NYC to LA… and back.

Presented by TheCyclist-Lawyer.com and Breaking History TV, hosted by CycleBar, and benefitting PeopleForBikes… this 28-hour nonstop cycling record attempt will test riders’ limits, mental and physical strength, and stretch even the hardest endurance athlete — but it’s all for an AMAZING organization... Our goal: $100,000 raised for PeopleForBikes. Let’s make cycling safer for everyone!!


We need witnesses & volunteers to be sure we follow the rules! apply here:

Rider applications accepted through 9/10/19. Apply here:

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We are looking for endurance athletes- Ironman, DK200, 24-hour mtn bike kind of hard-core endurance junkie people. Tell us what events you've done and why you think you'd be a good candidate for this challenge! Also- please tell us why you think you'd make an effective fundraiser!
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Please tell us about you, your profession, and why you'd like to volunteer / be a witness for this event!

About Our Riders:

Click on their names below to view their profile // fundraising page.

INSTRUCTOR: Megan Hottman COACH: Thomas Stott


Bailey Atkinson Ryan Avery Alex Butterbrodt (PFB) Russ Folger Cheryl Gaiser Bennett Hug Gary Lancaster Heather McKernan Adam Kazilsky Laura Luhn Bill Plock Chris Sanchez I-Ling Thompson Thomas Ajspur Ole Isaksen Michelle Main Cindy Hintgen