On December 1-2, 2019, 20 riders will attempt to break the World Record for the longest static cycling class in history. Combined, they will ride from NYC to LA… and back.

Presented by TheCyclist-Lawyer.com and Breaking History TV, hosted by CycleBar, and benefitting PeopleForBikes… this 28-hour nonstop cycling record attempt will test riders’ limits, mental and physical strength, and stretch even the hardest endurance athlete — but it’s all for an AMAZING organization... Our goal: $100,000 raised for PeopleForBikes. Let’s make cycling safer for everyone!!


We need witnesses & volunteers to be sure we follow the rules! apply here:

Rider applications will be accepted through 8/28/19. Apply here:

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We are looking for endurance athletes- Ironman, DK200, 24-hour mtn bike kind of hard-core endurance junkie people. Tell us what events you've done and why you think you'd be a good candidate for this challenge! Also- please tell us why you think you'd make an effective fundraiser!
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Please tell us about you, your profession, and why you'd like to volunteer / be a witness for this event!

About Our Riders:

Click on their names below to view their profile // fundraising page.


Bailey Atkinson Ryan Avery Alex Butterbrodt(PFB) Russ Folger Cheryl Gaiser Heather McKernan Adam Kazilsky Bennett Hug Laura Luhn I-Ling Thompson Chris Sanchez

INSTRUCTOR: Megan Hottman COACH: Thomas Stott